I took the tour at Fleur-de-Lis and it was a simple decision for me…I couldn’t wait to move in!

Former French teacher Claudette Simpson, 74, choose to buy at Renaissance’s Fleur-de- Lis luxury retirement development after spending a year living in a quiet Oxford village. The cottage and surrounding area was a little too peaceful for Claudette who had moved from a big house in Norwich the year before.

“It was a beautiful village but had no amenities. It was very friendly but you couldn’t walk anywhere – it was too far and the country roads weren’t the safest!” she said.

“Here at Fleur-de-Lis you have everything on your doorstep. You can walk into the town centre and Abingdon offers a lot of things to do.

“I choose Fleur-de- Lis having seen a few different places but after I had taken the tour I reserved within 24 hours - it was that simple a decision for me. Rachael, our concierge, has made it very easy for me to settle in. She couldn’t do enough.

“Now I don’t have any problems with gardening, and upkeep of the house. Life is much easier! But I knew if I didn’t make the move now I never would. ”

Security was another important factor to Claudette. “I wanted peace of mind and it is very secure here. There are people always on site and the development feels safe.”

Friendships are an important part of Claudette’s life and being part of a group of like-minded people. “We are forging good friendships and meet up every week for coffee and biscuits. I spend time with Leslie who is also an former teacher and I’m looking forward to getting to know people even better as time goes on.”