Location was key for Lesley’s downsize to retirement apartment in Abingdon

“I made up my mind it was the place I wanted to live within half an hour,” said Lesley Prout, 77, a retired teacher from the Oxford area. “I didn’t have to look at another place. I knew I’d be happy here.”

Within a month Lesley had sold her house and moved into Renaissance Retirement Living’s Fleur de Lis luxury retirement apartments on Wootton Road in Abingdon.  Lesley bought a two bed apartment with a mezzanine floor – a stylish addition to her home.

Lesley, who had lived in Oxford for 42 years, made location her priority. “I wanted to stay in the area, to be near family and friends and there aren’t many developments like this around,” said Lesley.

“I was living on a steep hill that wasn’t much fun as I got older. My house was 100 years old and cold in the winter. Moving to a warmer house was very important as well as the reduced household bills.

“Living on your own puts a lot of pressure on you as you get older and I didn’t want the hassle of the upkeep of my house either.”

Lesley added: “The location here is excellent – just a few minutes into the town of Abingdon by foot. I’ve only been here a while but there’s a growing community feeling which is getting stronger.”

 “I’ve brought all my books and many of my personal belongings which makes me feel very much at home,” added Leslie.

“The move was very straightforward – easy. I would recommend it to anyone thinking about downsizing.”

Fleur de Lis owners also enjoy a sumptuous owner’s lounge, concierge and gated courtyard with garden.