Press Statement - Fleur De Lis, Duttons Road, Romsey

Following a failure to deliver mains electricity to Renaissance Retirement’s new development of 52 sheltered apartments on Duttons Road, Romsey for the elderly as scheduled, the situation has resulted in the company having to rely on emergency power for their residents in the form of two temporary generators.

Regrettably the generators, which are required to provide power to the building 24 hours a day, have caused noise and disturbance to nearby residents.

This has resulted in complaints from some residents to the Environmental Health Officer at Test Valley Borough Council who on Wednesday this week (21 September 2016) served a Noise Abatement Notice on the Company requiring Renaissance to abate the noise nuisance no later than 6pm the following day (i.e. by 6pm on Thursday 22 September 2016).

Upon receipt of the Notice, Renaissance Retirement immediately took positive steps to address complaints.

The company instructed qualified noise consultants, Sound Advice Acoustics Ltd, to investigate the level of noise being generated and to recommend appropriate measures to be carried out to insulate the two generators from noise emissions to an acceptable level so as to overcome complaints from neighbours and to enable the elderly households to safely remain in their new homes.

Those noise readings were carried out during Wednesday night on the same day that the Abatement Notice was served. The following morning the consultants presented their findings and recommendations to Renaissance for the noise insulation of the generators.

On receipt of those recommendations, Renaissance immediately instructed its site contractor to source the materials for the insulating structures and work started the same day on their fabrication.

As at noon today (Friday 23 September) the first of those insulation units to one of the generators has been completed with the second due to be fitted to the remaining generator tomorrow morning (Saturday 24 September).

On completion, the noise consultants will carry out further noise readings to ensure that noise levels near to neighbouring properties have been reduced to an acceptable level and to report on whether any further measures are required.

Renaissance Retirement’s Planning Director, Peter Tanner, commented:

“It is most regrettable that a failure to provide mains electricity to our building on the scheduled date has required us to resort to emergency power and that this has resulted in noise and disturbance to our neighbours. We very much sympathise with them that on top of the normal disruption associated with a major development scheme such as this that they have been faced with this unforeseen additional nuisance.

“It will come as little comfort to them, but we would like to put on record, that we have acted immediately this noise nuisance was drawn to our attention. We are working with our professional noise consultants to reduce daytime and night-time noise levels to the reasonable recommended levels which we aim to achieve by midday tomorrow (Saturday 24 September).

“Not only are we concerned to abate the noise nuisance to our neighbours as quickly as possible, but it is most important that we ensure that the safety and security of our elderly residents in their new homes is not compromised; and that supply of electrical power to their homes is maintained uninterrupted.

“I wish to assure all concerned that we are working closely with the Environmental Health Officer to resolve this matter as quickly as possible and to the satisfaction of all those residents concerned.”

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