Renaissance Retirement statement (Monday 26 September: 11:48pm)

A fire broke in the car park of Renaissance Retirement’s Fleur-de-Lis building on Jubilee Road side this evening (Monday 26 September at around 7.45pm).

The fire was spotted by one of the staff at the company who immediately raised the alarm and started to evacuate owners from the building.

No one was hurt in the incident and Renaissance Retirement has put up all 20 residents in a hotel tonight.

Robert Taylor, managing director of Renaissance Retirement, said: “The main consideration is the health and safety of our owners and local residents. Our owners are all now comfortable in a nearby hotel for the night.

“I’d like to thank the emergency services who were there in minutes and did a first class job tonight; as well as my colleagues at Renaissance who were able to give our owners the support they needed. I’d also like to thank our owners who also remained in good spirits.”

The Fire Brigade are undertaking their own investigation into the cause of the fire and will report their findings to Renaissance. Renaissance Retirement will put out a further statement in the morning once the company has assessed the situation further.


For more information please contact Chris Wotton 07811 400 621 or