'The Joys of Old Age'

The following is written by Joyce Horlock, 90, an owner at Fleur-de-Lis Abingdon.

I am 90 years old and for some ridiculous reason I decided I needed to move from my home. It had three bedrooms, two reception rooms, a garden room and small garden, and a garage. It is surrounded with beautiful grounds – in fact, it has everything I require. So why did I want to move? Well, I decided I don't really need all those rooms and staircases!

Do I need a garage? I am still driving and I drive today as well as I did in my youth, if I do say so myself. Still, I suppose I could suddenly go ga-ga (no, surely not!).

Having made my decision and shocked my family with the news they eventually accepted my choice to move.

Although I loved the area where I lived, I decided to buy a Renaissance Retirement apartment. Unfortunately, there was nothing suitable in my area. So I scouted the internet and found just the sort of apartment I would like – built by the Renaissance Group.

I have not been disappointed. The décor of the hallway and communal drawing room is beautiful. In my apartment I have two bedrooms, a well sized lounge and dining room, a bathroom and a kitchen. And all on one floor, so much easier to cope with. There is also a small garden where I can meet other owners, plus space for two cars.

What I did need was some company. The less mobile I became the more I realised that I was watching television day after day. It was no life. The most wonderful extra was the SmoothMove facility provided by Renaissance to help an owner move at no extra cost. They helped me to decide what to do with all the items I didn't want to take with me. It was so easy that I was able to leave the day before and stay in the guest suite overnight. On the day of the move I went shopping and when I came back all the furniture was in the right place and even the bed had been made.


I do not feel lonely anymore as there is always a neighbour to talk to, plus there are many activities arranged. The concierge will even take you shopping if you don't own a car.

I certainly made a good move.